Sauda, unspoiled nature at its best

Who are you?

If you prefer urban mass tourism with organized photo sessions together with numerous tourist groups, you are definitely on the wrong site.

If you have good health, prefer active lifestyle in pure and clean nature, free of urban tourism, we recommend you to check out what we can offer to you.

«Sauda? Where is that? I have never heard about this place at all»

Good. That is why it is so attractive for visitors with guts and the right attitude to mountain hiking.

Sauda is located at the end of a long fjord. Around the small town center, you will find some of the most remote and wild valleys in Norway. It is the perfect location for mountain hiking.

The mountains enable trekking along a variety of routes. The routes are carefully selected. You will find short easy routes suitable for the novice, or families with small children. But the mountains enable also long trekking routes up to 14 days. During the hike you will experience astonishing views from peak mountain tops and hidden unspoiled valleys many miles away from closest inhabited area or man-made infrastructures.


What do we offer?

We offer the individual tourists the following:

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